Our proposal takes the social level and the way of life of the district as a fact transforming the current urban configuration into another which regenerates the framework getting a better life quality.
We propase a project that considers building and public space at the same level. No longer buildings generate public useless space. We planto create all together, regenerating not only our site but the relationship with the neighborhood, their public spaces and the people living there.
We started thinking the project from the connection between green spaces, commercial and recreational sites and the relationship between people and their social and physical enviroment.

Buidling Characteristics

Our proposal goes for lineal shaped buildings. lts plan geometry gets two improvements:
1 half-open spaces disappear. The interior of the project site becomes a green open park that would be used more collectivily which recovers the original idea of the masterplan. The entrance to the dwellings are now located at the inner space so the doorways disappear.
2 New treatment of the perimetral road ring. With our proposal the section road integrates into the public space and it eliminates the current physical barrier. The building plan opens space right next to the road becoming a boulevard. This is clearly identified at the palestrinang thanks to the commercial disposition.

The Parking

The parking is a building itself and belongs to the building complex. lt is a one storey building with a garden roof connected to the residential building so it is used by the neighbors. This disiposition takes the current parking up again getting a better solution. This is an elevated garden with a general view of the residential complex.


The houses are projected keeping the current social characteristics of the district. The flexibility in its interna! distribution allows a big variety of types depending on the future inhabitants.
The surfaces, around 70 squared meters, are adjust to the requeriments of the population.
Small apartments, houses for couples, ground floor dwellings for ancients and houses that can transformate from lofts into a two bedroom apartments .The scheme of the dwelling is clear. A service band next to the corridor keeps storage and humid zones. At the other end a band works as a multifunctional space that connects the different interna! pieces. Interior and exterior spaces melt into ene space. To get privacity in the interna! pieces there are curtains of different colours that contribute to an attractive cromatical presence.
Fagades are composed by a double skin for the climate control. The extemal skin is made out of corten steel, and the interna! consists in big glass surfaces with windows for a good ventilation.

The Inner Green Park

The public space in our project site becomes a big green park with an appropiate scale in relation with the section of the buildings. Pedestrian and bycicle paths enhance the north-south axes realting the laan van meerdervoort park with the central green space in the study area. The trace of the paving and the green generates a winding drawing that treated as a collage turns it into a contemporay landscape. This trace goes along with the buildings connecting ene to each other.



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