We propose a new look. Looking as a child does, looking for surprise. Getting close to Hans Christian Andersen’s House Museum to discover a fantasy world, and we can explore, feel, hear, dream, learn and enjoy through our senses a magical and world renowned writer.

We propose an architecture that rejects security of experience to go into a magic scene of indeterminate shapes and take us to the universe described by Andersen. An architecture that is dissolved in our senses, like the feeling of reading his tales crates in our imagination. A magical architecture, on a child’s scale, of organic and soft shapes; a fluid and non aggressive architecture in whose interior the scenery is flooded with light as final hope of tales does.

Our proposal is to understand the building as a part of a city park, in a way that access to the cultural complex will be through a big green hall much bigger than the current Lotze’s garden. We think about building small pavilions integrated in a big garden in such a way that these pavilions could be seen through the clearing among the significant vegetation. Pavilions of smaller scale than the current buildings and that organize a fragmented building more appropriate for urban scale. We intend that both the garden and the building as a part of it could be seen from the street. It will be more important the vegetation than the construction. For this reason we demolish buildings allowed in the competitionrules,because these buildings imposed in the urban traces accentuating the division between the environment and the museum. When we demolish them we dissolve the limits currently imposed by the facade of the buildings, in order to establish loosely defined outlines that set a more fluent way from the city to the new Hans Christian Andersen’s House Museum. The new geometry of the building will also create green spaces between our building and the small houses located in the Hans Jensens Staede and the Bangs Boder. This enables us to open views to these small gardens, giving value to spaces that were residual up to this time. We think that not only our building will have views to these spaces, but also the houses could open to them establishing a deeper relationship between public and private spaces.

It is also important the relationship between the proposal and the new car park.

The buildings that we propose are little fantasy universes. Their outlines remind us the almost liquid forms of the wings of a fairy of the forest inspired in the writer’s tales. Non aggressive organic shapes on human scale and that are in symbiosis with the nature proposed in the outdoor garden. In the interior the fluid spaces, the sinuous tours and the constant relationship between the indoor and outdoor garden will help to live a magical experience for both adults and children.

The program proposed for the competition is divided into two big blocks: the Tinderbox Cultural Center for children and the Museum. Accesses to both parts are different so they can be used independently.




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