Stroll through woods, frame the finnish landscape between two buildings Alvar Aalto can be for an architect one of the most fascinating artistic experiences, but that a proposed architectural competition to design a building that connect Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Findland becomes one of the most important professional experiences.

A challenge, it is clear that we can not compete with one of the greatest architects of the history of modern architecture. We can only stay with him and learn. Which it is why we propose a simple solution, in a privileged place located on a steep slope planted with large trees, a torrential brook, magnificent architecture…

Our solution is not categorical but it folds and twists as if walking through a steep terrain observe the surrounding buildings. Observes the landscape, do not touch, only admires and respects. And in that dialogue admiration tries not to offend with his presence and wears the same colors and materials in order to blend with architecture of its environment. Organic architecture and soft forms, not aggressive shapes scale of people wich found in symbiosis with nature.

Small construction of fluids spaces, winding paths trying to communicate to the magnificent buildings in a way almost magically. Does not touch them, there is only between them and attending to program needs, gives service. First floor, museum shop with a small warehouse is located and on ground floor a storage space for exhibition material and thecnical room.

Important architectural responsibility for a humble building both in size and in its function.


Promoted by: Alva Aalto Foundation

Date: October of 2015

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